Everyone wants to know the story behind the Debt Free Diva

because let’s face it, it’s a pretty cool story.

Owning a business at 18 was tough –
but I did it!

And I accomplished so many things over those 6 years that I am proud of, along with the mistakes I made. My story starts here, with finding out I had a tumor in my throat at the age of 24 and needing surgery.

I was forced to face some hard facts and I knew it was time to close up shop and move to a different part of my life. Unfortunately I wasn’t very savvy at that age and made a lot of financially crippling decisions along the way, and when I closed those doors I walked away with of $94,000 worth of consumer debt on 20% interest. I was on the brink of bankruptcy.

I had been to an insolvency officer and had the paperwork in my hand ready to sign away my rights when I got home and saw the little face of my dog – the little face that was keeping me going at that time. To me this wouldn’t be an option; I couldn’t bear to give her up as she was so innocent and loving. It wasn’t her fault that I had got myself into so much financial difficulty.

So I made a decision

It was time to take control of my life again – and that meant I had to pay back every cent plus interest and pull back from the brink. I had to think of everything under the sun, I knew I had to increase my income, decrease my debt and master the art of budgeting – and fast!

Fast forward 3 years and I have paid back the total amount of $113,375.40 including interest making me debt free and officially back from the brink of bankruptcy. 

Now, with everything I have learnt from this journey, I am passionate about helping others to find financial freedom on their own terms.