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Newshub Article - Market is so tough

February 03 2021

After buying a home for under $500,000 with less than 20 percent deposit, a first home buyer says despite the tough market, there is hope.

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Newshub article - Me and my Money

November 4 2020

‘Me and My Money’ is a regular feature that investigates Kiwi attitudes towards money and what drives the choices they make. We also explore if COVID-19 has changed peoples’ money habits and how.   

Tracy Hemingway shares her debt-free journey through the Instagram handle ‘debtfreedivanz’. Having racked up nearly $100,000 of debt by the time she was 24, Hemingway paid it off in three years. She became debt-free last November and is now saving for a house.

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Cooking the Books with Frances Cook podcast

September 16 2020

Tracy Hemingway, also known as the Debt Free Diva, is an expert on side-hustles, who used them to pay off $94,000 of debt in three years.

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The Happy Saver Podcast

November 13 2019

She was on a debt repayment marathon, trying to pay down $94,278 of consumer debt and was estimating it would take her 33 months. It all started because she was on the brink of bankruptcy and the suggestion was made that she needed to sell everything, including her beloved dog! By August 2019, when we spoke she was down to $10,471.11 of debt and the sprint to the finish line was on! She has worked her tail off in her day job and taken up any and every side hustle that she could think of. She is one determined and focussed lady.

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